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Like I said in my previous post, my shopping/food trip to Robson was full of happiness.  It turned out I ended up eating all Japanese food that day: Sajin's Green Tea Cafe, Japadog, and the last destination, Bon Crepe.  This crêperie claims to be the only place in Vancouver that offers authentic Japanese crepes.  I'm not sure if this is true now that there are so many Japanese restaurants, but I do believe it is the only one that specializes in Japanese crepes.  Actually, scratch that.  They also have a Mazazu Crepe in Aberdeen Centre as well, but I've never tried it... I should give it a try.  Bon Crepe used to have another location at Parker Place, but unfortunately I didn't know about how wonderful it was before it closed a few years ago.

Bon Crepe is located on Robson street, inside a Japanese supermarket called Konbinya Japan Centre...

What I like about Bon Crepe is that their crepes are freshly made.  Before  I discovered this store, I went to Cafe Crepe on Robson and I felt like it was such a ripoff because they just took a premade crepe and put it on the stove.  It was also really expensive, around $8-9 for the dessert crepe I had ordered.  In comparison, all of Bon Crepe's crepes are $5 or under, that is unless you add ice cream for $1.  You can take a look at Bon Crepe's menu online, and it also lists the prices as well!

It was raining so I didn't stand outside.  Otherwise I could've gotten a nice picture of the crepe being freshly made! Bon Crepe is Japanese-run.  Well, actually, it's always managed by this man, who is Japanese.  Every time I go it's always him running the store!

I got #45 strawberry cheesecake whip topping ($4.72).  This is made with fresh homemade cheesecake, strawberry jam, strawberry pieces, and whipped cream.  It was my first time ordering a cheesecake variety from here, and it was very good! The chunk of cheesecake is Japanese-style and very spongy and it had just enough cheese flavour so that it could still be tasted despite the strawberry jam. 

The sweetness of the whole thing was just right (for me anyway) because the whipped topping helped reduce the sweetness in the jam.  I absolutely love the crepe itself.  The sign in front of the store says that their crepes feature their "original 'MOCHI MOCHI' texture", and I think that is really the best way to describe it.  It's definitely not crispy, but rather kind of chewy and springy -- like mochi (Japanese rice cakes).  I think I will use this as a descriptor from now on because it's definitely a unique texture that's hard to describe.

Not even considering the price, I think the crepe itself is very good.  It definitely reminds me of the one I had in Japan because both crepes had similar textures.  However, I have to say that the one in Tokyo was much prettier:  
Crepe from Momi & Toy's in Tokyo
I like how they squeezed the whipped topping around the top too! It makes for a much prettier crepe.  They also used a star tip to squeeze it.  In comparison, Bon Crepe only squeezes a T shape on the crepe, which makes it not as beautiful.

Click to Enlarge
I remember when I ate it I did make a brief comparison of this one versus Bon Crepe's, and I think they were pretty similar! This was at a crepe stand called Momi & Toy's at the end of Takeshita Street in Harajuku.  Their menu is displayed on a vending machine, so you can check it out in the picture above if you can read Japanese. 

Bon Crepe is definitely worth a five star rating, even if it's not as beautiful as Momi & Toy's.  The texture of the crepe is just really good and the crepe is made right before your eyes, so you know it's fresh.  It did concern me a little that the man didn't wash his hands right after handling money and proceeded to cut strawberries.  But I know I definitely do things like that as well.  I do believe the cheesecake really is homemade because I haven't found a Japanese cheesecake quite like that one -- creamy yet not as rich as the American one.  Also, the price is quite reasonable (unlike that of Cafe Crepe!)

Bon Crepe 
1238 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
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competition runs rampant everywhere, Ihope this inititaive keeps growing
restaurant telephone

Hey, I remember those vending machines! My favourite ramen shop in Niigata uses a machine...you buy your ticket at the machine, give your ticket to the ramen chef or waiter/waitress, and get your ramen when it's done. No hassle, no fuss. It makes so much sense, and sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to do it here.

I like Bon Crepe, personally, I like to get the tuna, mayo and corn, but the nutella and bananna are good too. My stomach is grumbling......

@Peter: Yeah, I love those vending machines! They just make so much sense because no one would have to handle cash and food. I just wish I could read Japanese because I was still reliant on the servers when ordering! haha

I've never had the savoury crepes at Bon Crepe before because I usually go pretty late in the afternoon. But their combinations sound delicious! I think I'll have to get both savoury and sweet crepes next time >:)

Hey, I could have sworn I posted a comment here...something about buying a ticket for ramen in Japan....Blogger's done something weird the last few days.


@Peter: Yeah... I think it had to do with yesterday's downtime... Because I replied that post too and I deleted the spam comment... but now the spam comments back and our comments are gone =_=. Lame.

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