Cream & Puffs @ Beard Papa's

It's been nearly a week since I've updated!  Final exams have taken over my life, along with job interviews.  I have been taking pictures for the blog, so once I finish everything on Friday, I promise there will be longer and better quality posts.  For now, here is a short post.

I went to get a cream puff from Beard Papa's in Richmond Centre to reward myself for my hard work studying.  Remember when you had to line up at Aberdeen Centre to get these? I haven't had one in over a year, and I actually never purchased any from the Richmond Centre one.  Beard Papa's now has nine stores all around the Greater Vancouver Region.

They have a sign for their new "special flavour" -- black sesame.  But they were sold out.  It seems they always have a gazillion "special flavours".

The original cream puff ($1.75) was fresh and delicious.  These definitely taste better buying them fresh than taking them home and eating the day after.  The outer parts of the puff are crispier, crunchier, and aren't as soggy as the ones that have sat overnight, which is a pain because it's cheaper if you get 6, and they don't charge you HST.  The inside was quite soft and fluffy.

There was so much filling inside! I don't think it's overly sweet, but one is enough for me.  I like how their cream is not like whipped cream.  Rather it's more of a custard, so it's really smooth and not airy.  I like the original flavour and matcha flavour.  I haven't tried mango flavour, though I heard it's really good.

Beard Papa's is so good! Though it's kind of expensive for such a simple thing (I've watched Youtube and it's really simple to make, so I hope to make some soon).  It's pretty much the only store that specializes in these, so that's why it's so expensive.  I really like the custard inside!!

Beard Papa's (Richmond Centre)
6551 #3 Rd
Richmond, BC
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