Tacos & Mexi Fries @ Taco Luis

I haven't eaten Taco Luis in a long while and I was craving it for the longest time ever.  I don't eat Mexican food much -- actually Taco Luis, located in the Lansdowne food court, sets my standard for what Mexican food is supposed to taste like.  (My standards are probably wrong.)  But it sure is better than Taco Time.

When I was in high school, it was already pretty popular and sometimes we would drive here to get tacos! The owner is very charismatic and the store is family run (I believe, though he denies it and says that they are the "bosses").  There is usually a long line up since they make the tacos right in front of you.  That day I waited a while too, but the shot above was taken after the meal (around 2pm) so that's why there's not a lot of people.  I think it's by far the most popular food stand in Lansdowne!
I went to Taco Luis too often that I was kind of surprised to see the people at Taco Time wrap my taco in their little counter inside.  At Taco Luis, they ask whether you want each topping as you wrap them.  It usually sounds like this: beef or chicken? To-matoes? Le-ttuce? Cu-cum-bers? etc... I like it! It's kind of charming (I can't think of a better word).

The 7" special ($4.49) comes with a 7" soft taco, mexi-fries, and a pop.  (Remember when they used to have the 6" special?)  The mexi-fries are good, though like I said before, Taco Luis set my standards for them. What are good mexi-fries supposed to taste like anyway? The ones at Taco Luis are crunchy on the outside and feel like hashbrowns in the inside.  I think they're probably bought frozen from Costco or something.

I got the beef taco with all the toppings (except cucumbers. I hate cucumbers -- the fresh taste annoys me.)  The taco today was kind of poorly wrapped.  It's sometimes a hit and miss, depending on who wraps it.  I didn't recognize the girl who wrapped mine today, so maybe she's new?
Anyway the taco was delicious and chocked full of toppings inside.  All the toppings go nicely together, though I keep forgetting to tell them to skip on the weird sour peppers.  They're too sour for me!

No more pictures because I made a mess eating the taco.  But I really like the beef soft taco, but maybe it's just because I like beef and cheese.  It's also quite inexpensive -- if you order the beef taco without the drink or mexi-fries its only $2.10! I'll probably get that next time since I never finish the mexi-fries.

I really like Taco Luis! The owner's approachable attitude makes you feel like you're not just visiting another store at the food court.  Even though the tacos are pretty cheap, they're also quite delicious!

Taco Luis
5300 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC
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