Steak & Spaghetti @ Kingspark Steakhouse

This year, I participated the 30 hour famine at UBC.  It was my third or fourth time doing the famine and I actually didn't feel that hungry.  Sometimes after a long day of school I'm really hungry to the point I'll eat whatever I can, but I didn't feel that with the famine.  Weird.  But after a breakfast provided by the nice people at World Vision UBC, a nap, and a small bowl of congee, I still managed to finish a whole charcoal grilled steak with peppercorn sauce ($9.99) and spaghetti at Kingspark Steakhouse!

I used to eat these cha chaan teng style steaks every time I got my braces tightened. Because I like steak.  And after I got my braces tightened, I couldn't eat meat for practically a week.  My favourite place was Amigo Cafe, but they jacked up the price by $2 and charge $1 extra for cold drinks, AND I can never finish the meal since it comes with soup.  So I went to Kingspark more often instead (where its a few dollars cheaper and cold drinks are free!)

I really like the steak from Kingspark, though sometimes its a bit too well done for my liking.  Of course it can't compare to a tenderloin or other steak from a "real" steakhouse, but at that price, seriously? What can you ask for? And despite the sauce, there is still a lot of beef flavour to it -- so much that I can taste the steak just by looking at that photo up there.

If you haven't had cha chaan teng style steaks before, these are quite different from those from Western steakhouses.  The steak itself its only around 1.5cm thick, so you should probably not order medium well.  I always order medium rare, which I think is just perfect.  These steaks also have a lot of runny sauce, which I suggest ordering on the side.

For $9.99, you also get a choice of rice or spaghetti.  I always choose the spaghetti, and you have to point that out when ordering.  Otherwise, the default one is rice since that's what it's listed as on the menu.  The spaghetti is actually not that plain since they mix garlic in it, which I think is quite considerate. Yay!

Since it's on the mini set menu, it comes with a choice of hot or cold drink.  I ordered hot milk tea to add to my search for the best milk tea in Richmond; go to that link to read more comments on the tea!

We also ordered the luncheon meat & egg sandwich ($4.99) from the regular menu and spaghetti bolognese.  Because the waiter messed up our order, the spaghetti took forever and I forgot to take a picture of it.  But I think this is one of the best in Richmond.  The sauce is so cheesy and creamy! (Edit June 30/11: check out pictures of the spaghetti bolognese here!)

The luncheon meat & egg sandwich was not off the mini set menu and $1 had to be added to get a choice of hot or cold drink.  The feedback on this was positive, since the bread was toasted and crunchy and the amount of egg and meat was quite generous.  The fries weren't drenched in oil either, but they weren't that delicious.

Overall, I really like Kingspark and it's probably the cha chaan teng that I tend to go to the most.  Service there is pretty good (for a Chinese restaurant) and it's right in the middle of Richmond.  However, you can expect to wait for a table on weekends!

I love Kingspark! I think it's one of the best cha chaan tengs in Richmond considering the price.  The steak here is awesome (if you like cha chaan teng style steaks).  La Amigo is also really good, but it's more expensive and I can't finish it anyway since it comes with soup.  The ambiance at Kingspark is also better than restaurants like Lido -- not as noisy and it seems cleaner.
Kingspark Steakhouse
8291 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC
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Dude, how did you eat all that? I still feel a little weird eating now...

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