15 Kitchen Supplies You Need To Have If You Are a First Time Restaurant Owner

Opening your first restaurant is a huge deal. It is your pride and joy, your dream come to life, and we want to make sure you it is perfect. One of the biggest investments in any restaurant is, of course, the kitchen. In order to make sure you have the best one possible, restaurant supply store Toronto tells you what are the must haves in your new business.

1. Range

Image Source: David Kessler

A range is a combination of stove and oven. Restaurants often have limited space and the compact nature makes it ideal.Grill While a range can cook food, it cannot char the surface to produce that delicious taste grills can. Install a grill to add a bit of flavour to your menu.

2. Deep-fryer

Image Source: Isabelle Boucher

Deep-fried foods form a large part of calorific intake and you would be remiss in not having one.

3. Freezer

Image Source: Mark Cato

Don’t let your food spoil. Use a freezer to store perishables

4. Sauté pans

Image Source: Kevin Gong

Sauté pans are excellent for searing meat. Its straight sides make it ideal for a number of recipes.  

5. Stock / soup pots

Image Source: Carolyn

Soup forms a staple of any restaurant menu. Cook your soup in designated pots and not in any available dish. You are a professional after all.  

6. Ladles

Image Source: Beau Considine

Once the soup is ready, use ladles to serve.  

7. Sauce pans

Image Source: Buzz Andersen

Sauce pans, as the name suggests, is used to make the sauce for your dish. No one likes a dry dish. This will be an indispensable for you.  

8. Baking pans/sheets

Image Source: Wendy

Deserts are now on you too. You cannot wow patrons on the main course and forget about the finish. Baking sheets are a godsend when you want up whip up a quick dish.  

9. Tongs

Image Source: Melkir

This one may be obvious. Don’t burn yourself. Use tongs to handle hot food. Plus, it’s hygienic.

10. Spatulas

Image Source: Simon Stamm

Stir your dish smoothly with your favourite spatula to elicit that beautiful aroma.

11. Chef’s knives

Image Source: Simon Law

Another obvious one. Buy a complete set for convenience.

12. Mixing bowls

Image Source: Becca Swift

Do not use normal bowls to mix. Mixing bowls are specially designed to blend your ingredients well and pour.

13. Plates/Bowls/Glassware/Cutlery

Image Source: Mark

Do not forget to get separate utensils for each course. Serving everything in the same type will quickly annoy your customers.  

14. Cleaning Items

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Cleanliness is equal to godliness for you. Keep your kitchen in the top shape. Invest in cleaning supplies  

15. Fire extinguisher

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Finally, stop any potential emergency before it gets out of control. Keep a fire extinguisher handy to control accidental blazes.  

Now that you have everything you need, all you have to do now is open the doors, greet the people and live your dream